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Token Sales

For which purposes will the money, generated by the token sale, be used?

Here the biggest projects at a glance:

All projects, financed by the ICO, can be found with a detailed description, in the roadmap under "About Us" in the main menu.

How to participate in token sale?

If you want to participate in token sale, you should sign up and buy tokens via your personal account. If you haven't got a personal account, you can using this link Registern now!

When will I get tokens?

The acquired Elysion tokens, upon successful completion of the purchase, will be posted to your personal account in the back office.

Is there a bonus for token sales? How high is the bonus?

  • PRE-ICO - Bonus 30%
  • First Stage - Bonus 20%
  • Second Stage - Bonus 10%
  • Regular Stage - No bonus

In addition, for each customer who brings a new customer, there will be a 15% brokerage bonus . This occurs independently from the particular ICO phase. Overall, a member can receive a bonus of 45%.



What is Nova Elysion? What do we do?

Among other things, we are a specialized mining company, but we also deal with other projects from the cryptoworld. We offer our customers the purchase of their own hardware and the possibility of its hosting at our partner company Zeus Systems. We put together various projects, including the ElysionMart, an online marketplace, Elysion Token, Nexus, a Crypto Exchanger and the Elysion Coin.

Which benefits do I have at Nova Elysion?

  • The hardware belongs 100% to the customer
  • The mining output is entirely distributed to the customer
  • The customer does not need any knowledge in the field of mining and can still obtain a very good passive income
  • The customer can have the hardware delivered to his/her home
  • Nova Elysion gives its customers a 3-year warranty on the hardware
  • The VIP customer receives an exclusive Elysion VIP Credit Card, which allows him to use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment
  • The VIP customer benefits from the Elysion VIP Club membership

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the Elysion VIP Club?

  • The customer receives an Eylsion VIP credit card
  • The customer receives access to various training courses
  • The customer benefits from various discounts, such as at Black Diamond
  • The commission is 7% instead of 5% of a normal Sales Partner.
  • The customer receives a Club Info once a month
  • The customer receives 3% discount when purchasing hardware
  • The customer receives Elysion Tokens for free, when certain purchase limits have been achieved, resulting from his promoting activities

How do I get a membership and how can I purchase a share certificate?

First, you must be a registered member of the Nova Elysion. In the back office you will find the menu on the left side, where you can purchase the membership under "Become VIP". Under this menu item you can also buy share certificates. The number is limited to 10 pieces per customer.

Where are the mining farms located and why was this location chosen?

Our mining farms are located in Serbia. Serbia was chosen among other countries, because of its very low electricity prices compared to other countries not only in Europe but also worldwide, as well as its very favorable costs regarding maintenance, rent, security, personnel, insurance, etc. This allows us to operate the mining farms profitably. Last but by no means least, the political stability, the openness of the authorities to cryptocurrencies, the communication with the authorities in general and our good local contacts are further reasons for us being in Serbia.



How do deposits and payouts work?

Deposits can be processed via bank transfers and the cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Payouts, either from Rig, Miner or Graphic Card, are consisted 100% of the mined Coin, i.e. Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Commissions, from VIP Club and Sales Partner programs, are paid out via bank transfer in the Fiat currency EUR.

How does the deposit via Cryptocurrencies work?

First, you must log into the back office. On the left side bar menu, select the item "Mining" and subsequently click on the item "Mining Hardware". The next step is to select your desired hardware and then to click on the "Buy Now" button. Upon completing this step, you will be asked which deposit option you would like to use. Select "CoinGate" and then click "Buy Now". You will then be redirected to the website of our payment providers, where you can choose which cryptocurrency you want to pay with. Upon completion of the selected cryptocurrency, you must enter your e-mail address underneath in the empty field. The last step is to send you the desired number of coins to the wallet that appears on the website. Thus, your purchase is complete. ATTENTION: The time frame to complete the transaction is limited to 20 minutes! After exceeding this time, the wallet will be deactivated!

What do I have to consider before depositing via bank transfer?

You must upload in your profile section your valid passport as well as a proof of address, which (proof of address) is not older than 2 months. The fields for the upload are at the top of the profile page. This action is necessary because the bank requires proof (KYC) from our side.

How does the deposit via bank transfer work?

On the left side bar menu, select the item "Mining" and subsequently click on the item "Mining Hardware". The next step is to select your desired hardware and then to click on the "Buy Now" button. After completing this step, you will be asked which deposit option you would like to use. Select "CoinGate" and then click "Buy Now". You will be redirected to a new page where you can see all the bank details you need.

How much do I get from the mining output?

The distribution of the mined coins is 100% to the customer. There are no hidden costs.

Where does the distribution of the mined coins take place?

The coins are deposited directly into your wallet, which is stored in your Backoffice.

How long do I have a warranty on the mining hardware?

Nova Elysion offers its customers a 3-year warranty.

What costs do I bear as a customer for my hardware?

There are one-time procurement costs for the hardware. You can find the overview of the costs on the website or in the back office.

Which coins can I mine?

The focus is on Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and Zcash (ZEC). In total, we offer to our customers a variety of over 40 different coins to mine, such as Monero (XMR), Siacoin (SC), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Pirl (PRL), just to mention a few of them.

May I decide for myself which coin I would like to mine?

With the "Elysion GPU SMALL and BIG" hardware, we are deciding which coin is the most profitable to be mined, based always on our ongoing market analysis. Therefore, the customer does not have to worry about which coin is the most beneficial for him/her. For all other hardware offers, the customer can decide for himself which coin he/she would like to mine.

Is the given hashrate always to be expected or are there exceptions?

Our IT technicians and programmers modify (known in the cryptoworld as "overclock") every graphic card. This results to an increased hashrate, which exceeds by ca. 15-20% the hashrate given by the manufacturer. By doing this the profitability for the customer increases. This change does not jeopardize the hardware warranty and does not leave any traces on the graphic cards, because it is merely performed on the software.

Does the hardware belong to me? Can I resell it or have it delivered to a desired address?

The hardware belongs entirely to the customer. After a minimum contract period of 3 months, the customer can decide whether to host his hardware indefinitely with our partner company Zeus Systems or have it delivered to his/her home. The delivery address is determined by the customer. However, we also offer our customers the possibility a hardware buyback. If the customer should at any time decide to sell back his Mining equipment to Nova Elysion, he can do that. It saves him time, delivery costs and potential earnings.

What makes the mining at Nova Elysion even more profitable?

We offer our customers the possibility to pay the hosting fee in fiat currency. This results to a clear advantage: the customer does NOT have to pay the fee with his mined coins, like other mining companies do, but he can store them until the price increases and therefore achieve a higher price gain.



How high are the commissions of sales partner?

For the standard customer, the brokerage commission is 5%, compared to the Elysion VIP customer, who receives 7%.

When and by what means will the commission of the sales partner be paid?

Every month, on the 5th of the following month (unless this day falls on a weekend or holiday), you will receive your commissions and any bonuses paid directly in fiat currency (EUR) to your bank account.

Is there an invoice for the hardware and billing for the commissions?

The customer receives an official invoice from Nova Elysion for each purchase. For the deposit and withdraw of the commissions there will be a statement in the customer's backoffice, unter the menu “Bilanzauszug”, which can be download as PDF format.




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