Elysion VIP Club

Our Elysion VIP Club is an exclusive offer for our customers with many benefits: schooling, insider tips, real talk with our crypto experts, discounts on hardware purchase and at various partner companies, higher commissions for recommendations and access to special events are just some of them.

To join our exclusive VIP Club, there are two options: once a year membership for 120 EUR or the purchase of one or more share certificates. Both memberships include our Elysion VIP Club Card in association with LTC Cash. The membership card also serves as a prepaid MasterCard (excluding annual fee). The annual membership or the unit certificates may be purchased directly from your personal account under https://my.novaelysion.com.

Share certificates / Elysion tokens

The Elysion VIP Club is organized in the form of a companionship.  Each customer of Nova Elysion may acquire shares in the companionship or complete only one-year membership.

What is the difference between the annual membership and the shares? The earnings from the shares will finance existing projects and future projects (see roadmap). Holders of one or more shares benefit directly from these projects. Apart from the exclusive access to these projects, the holders of the shares also benefit financially. The cooperative receives 10% of the profits from all projects which are then distributed among the owners, in proportion to the share certificates. In addition, each holder of shares receives our exclusive Elysion Token (1 share certificate = 1'000 Elysion Token) which is already tradable.



  • Price
  • Elysion VIP Card (Credit card)
  • Schooling
  • Discounts
  • 7% broker commissions
  • Events
  • Club Info (once a month)
  • Sightseeing Mining Farms
  • Elysion Token
  • 10% profit sharing
  • Annual membership
  • 120 EUR annually
  • Share certificate
  • 1'000 EUR per unit certificate
  • 1'000 pieces


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