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Nova Elysion launches its own ICO

It's time to take the next step, it's time to grow!.


Nova Elysion launches its long-awaited ICO this week. The time has come to create more projects, to design new ones and to get a new look in the future. This is the concept that the team in Nova Elysion is visualising, after having established its mining activities.

The blockchain technology offers a variety of many positive possibilities. Implementing all the ideas will probably never happen, but the most promising ones will surely find their way up. The first step is to take a closer look at the different projects and get informed about them.

First of all, the "Elysion Mart". This is quite innovative project in the crypto space. While there have been already numerous attempts to create an online marketplace, only two giants have made it. In ElysionMart there is the possibility to sell and buy services, cryptocurrencies and products. The only currency that can be used is: cryptocurrencies!. Integrating the ElysionMart into your own back office means a bigger room for the community to move around.

The ICO will also finance the project "Crypto Café". The aim of this project is to bring together all these people who have realized the potential of cryptocurrencies, their daily life usage and believe in their financial future. The café will be based on a simple concept: people can drink and eat, paying with a common crypto currency or with their own token, and performing a local trade on wish. Why they should pay various commissions on unknown exchanges, if they can complete their transaction while drinking a coffee?. The distant goal pursued is to establish Crypto Cafés in various countries. As an example, we have selected a daily turnover of a mediocre café in a good location: on average, a café makes a daily turnover of about € 5,000 EUR. You can calculate the future monthly and annual profit by yourself. By doing this, you will realize that it is indeed a very lucrative business model, in which you can invest your time as well as your money.

The "Nexus Exchange" another project, which is intended to be financed through the ICO. This exchange differentiates from the rest of the exchangers in that it is meant to serve as a springboard for smaller, less well-known and new coins. After almost 10 years, as long as the crypto world aleady exists, the new competitors are struggling to make their breakthrough. The fact is that continuously good ideas and projects are presented to the global audience. Every developer and founder believes in the success of his coin. But only very few of them are make it. For the rest, this usually equals to "Mission Impossible". This is exactly where the Nexus Exchange comes in. It offers the listing of a coin on its platform against low fees, compared to the other Crypto Exchanges, where a fee of 15 Bitcoins, just to be listed, is not a scarcity. The goal of the Nexus Exchange is not its self-interest, but the opportunity to promote and present a good project, with great potential, to the community.

Every transaction, no matter if in the Nexus Exchang or Crypto Café, will be realized with your own Elysion token. The Elysion token is limited to 200 million in number. A percentage bonus is distributed in each of the four ICO stages more information can be found here

In addition, for each customer who brings a new customer, there will be a 15% brokerage bonus . This occurs independently from the particular ICO phase. This Bonus can be paid out any time in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The last ICO Stage will be finished on November 31, 2018. Get your 30% bonus now and an additional 15% for every referral.


"Playing it safe and taking no risks is a shortcut to proverty."

                                                                                                                                   - Jordan Belfort -

Our Investment Packages

  • from 629€

    Elysion GPU

    up to 40mH/s

  • from 3’699€

    Elysion Miner

    up to 240 mH/s

  • from 7'299€

    Elysion Rig

    up to 480 mH/s

  • 1’999€

    Elysion BTC

    up to 14 Th/s

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