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Repurchase of mining hardware

What do i do with my hardware if i no longer want to mine? Many people ask this question, but first we should talk about mining itself.

Is mining fast-earned money?

Nowadays, an increasing number of people is talking about cryptocurrencies and mining and believes that this is a "get rich fast" opportunity. But it's easier said than done. Of course, one can consider mining both as a minor or main income. But this totally depends on the level of proficiency devoted to it. In addition to that, one should also take under consideration the fact that the mining should be approached as a long-term investment.

The prices of coins and tokens are changing daily. Therefore, you have to keep track of the continously changing trading prices in order to get the right timing for selling the crypto currencies.


The facts with a private seller

The blockchain technology is a technical sensation, which excites not only potential investors but also other people like "techies", who just want to put their hands on this new mining world.

The buying of a miner is a pretty costly investment, which does not necessarily provides you a high insurance level. As already mentioned, this is a long-term investment, which needs a good timing and calm nerves.

If you purchase a miner online from a privat seller. you must bare in mind the following costs: a. The accompanied shipping costs. b. the operation costs, such as electricity and c. if you are not an expert in this technology, you will surely have to pay some additional amounts for the various setup and settings.

At the beginning, you may enjoy the device but later on you will notice how much effort from your side is actually needed for the mining. Suppose you used the miner for 6 months and something went awry and the machine broke down. Do not forget that after half a year, you have no more guarantee and therefore the device can not be returned.


How Nova Elysion reacts to the above shortcommings?

Nova Elysion is a partner specializing in mining hardware and hosting. If you buy a miner from us, you can have it hosted by us for a fee. You have automatically no shipping costs, that means saving the delivery and transport costs as well as the VAT. (This is because the goods do not have to be imported. they are already in stock at our warehouse).

You've read a lot on the Internet about the world of cryptocurrencies and you'd like to further explore it, albeit out of curiosity or for having an additional source of income. From your own laptop or smartphone, you can track any time what you have achieved daily and make up your opinion on the proceedings of your mining devise.

If you're not happy with the results and you realize that you had imagined the mining differently, you do not have to worry about whether the retailer will take the unit back or how you may resell the miner without baring a loss.

NOVA ELYSION offers its customers the opportunity to buy back the miner, in case they do not longer wish to use the device. You have the right to sell the miner back to us within a 2 years time period, with a monthly loss of 3% of the purchase price. As an example, let's suppose you paid 3'699 EUR and have used the unit for a month and after that you want to return it. In that case, we would buy it back from you for 3'551.44 EUR (3'699-3%). NOVA ELYSION gives its customers yet another option that you will not find anywhere else. If you cancel your contract one month before the end of the 24 month term, we offer you a whopping 30% of the purchase price in case you still want to give it back. Yes, you read that right, after 24 months you still get 30% of the purchase price of your hardware.


CONCLUSION: The mining is not for everyone!. But is surely worth to give it a try. And if you still realize that is not for you, we can buy back from you the miner any time within the first 2 years.

Our Investment Packages

  • from 629€

    Elysion GPU

    up to 40mH/s

  • from 3’699€

    Elysion Miner

    up to 240 mH/s

  • from 7'299€

    Elysion Rig

    up to 480 mH/s

  • 1’999€

    Elysion BTC

    up to 14 Th/s

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