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A simple explanation of the price differences between Nova Elysion and privat sellers

Historical Background

Earlier, you could discover the world of cryptocurrencies and become highly profitable by just sitting in front of your PC. Over the last years, the technology has been developed so rapidly that it has turned the entire hardware market upside down. Cryptocurrencies were originally mined with CPUs. But the limited processing speed and the high power consumption gradually led to rising costs as well as to decreasing efficiency. Subsequently, the graphic cards came into play, which showed a much higher computing performance and thus worked faster and more energy-efficiently.

Many people have already noticed that mining is a lucrative way to make a living and are wondering how to get started. Nowadays, there are plenty of videos and sites on the internet, where you can find out, how a miner works. So, you could just buy the individual parts and assemble them by yourself. But if you do not have the technical know-how, you can buy instead a complete machine on the internet and have it delivered to your home. Or you can search for a service provider, such as "NOVA ELYSION", buy a miner and host it for a fee. Hosting fees include: electricity costs, storage costs, optimal setting, maintenance, 3-year warranty, 24-hour surveillance of the facility, etc.

Comparing now the prices offered by "NOVA ELYSION" to the ones offered directly by private sellers, the following question arises: "Why do I need a service provider if I can buy the machine anywhere else cheaper?’’.

This is certainly an eligible question. Imagine, you want to buy a musical instrument, because you want to immerse yourself in the music world. Of course, you do not know which instrument you should buy, what quality, and how to tune it properly, so that it runs optimally and gives off beautiful notes. And finall, and most important of all, how do you start learning to play music.

The provision of Nova Elysion

NOVA ELYSION can help you with all the above written issues. All our products (GPU, Miner, Rig) are supported by specialists with years of experience in this field.

In plain language: The graphic cards are mainly used to manage and increase the performance of video and graphics, and therefore are very popular with in the video industry. In order now to be correctly used in mining, they still have to be properly adjusted. Each graphic card has been constructed by the manufacturer with a specific hashrate. Therefore, every single graphic card has to be accordingly tuned, in order to deliver a higher hash rate, the best performance possible and finally to reach the optimal working level.

In addition, all the items, i.e. graphic cards, power supply, motherboard, etc., must also properly fit together in order to work efficiently and perform in the best possible way. A power supply can only accept a certain number of GPUs. Overloading of the power supply can lead to catastrophic conditions, the system on the miner could crash down or in the worst case the supply catches fire and the house burns down. These are some of the potential issues that may appear if a proper arangement has not been met. Finally, all the different parts must fit together for a quick processing of the data and avoidance of any drawback of the optimal performance.

The machines at NOVA ELYSION are continuously running in full speed and under the properly cooling conditions, in order to avoid any overheating. Nevertheless, in mining there is always the risk that one or more parts may brake down and need to be replaced by a mechaniker on the site. With the three-year warranty, you do not have to worry about how to replace the parts or where and when you can order the parts. Within a short time the flaw will have been fixed and you will not suffer any break in your yield.

Finally, the miners are always set to mine the most profitable coin. Nevertheless, and on customer request, the mining can be switched over to another coin.


What if I want to buy a miner myself?

You can buy a miner yourself, but you must take under consideration some points i.e. the reliability of the brand manufacturer, your level of your technical expertise and knowledge. In addition, you still have the risk that something goes awry and spare parts must be in no time to your disposal, in order not to waste any time, which is automatically translated to profit. Finally, you have to take into account the electricity costs and do not forget that you also need to cool the machines down specially during the summer, which is translated again to additional electricity costs. And last but also very essential: a miner is noisy and produces a lot of heat.

What do you get at Nova Elysion:

  • Brand quality
  • The best possible setting
  • Continuous operation and service
  • Regular distribution of coins (because of the pool mining)
  • 3 years warranty (compared to the usual 3-months manufacturer's warranty)
  • Knowledge and support in the areas of mining, blockchain, hosting and cryptocurrency
  • Low electricity cost
  • Safety/security


Our incentive for writting this article was to explain as plausible as possible, the price differences between NOVA ELYSION and the private sellers. Therefore, please bare in mind that in the mining business, is not as much of a sovereign importance the acquisition price of the equipment but. And to much more extend, what and how I do the mining thereafter.


CONCLUSION: It is therefore very important that you find a partner like Nova Elysion on your "Mining-side".

Our Investment Packages

  • from 629€

    Elysion GPU

    up to 40mH/s

  • from 3’699€

    Elysion Miner

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  • from 7'299€

    Elysion Rig

    up to 480 mH/s

  • 1’999€

    Elysion BTC

    up to 14 Th/s

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