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Mining and Hosting

With a partner like Nova Elysion you can discover a whole new world, finding out what stands behind the term 'cryptocurrency'. This company was designed for small as well as for big investors in the cryptoworld. In addition, with partner companies you can enjoy various benefits while getting the required knowledge in order to profit wisely.

You have probably already read in the newspaper or have heard in the news that cryptocurrencies are slowly, but irrevocably, changing the world. You certainly want to progress accordingly, expanding your knowledge, so that you can open this door and being able to research and thoroughly investigate this totally new world, which certainly has much more to offer than a savings account at the bank.

But first, what is a cryptocurrency?

In direct comparison to the classic currency, no banknotes or coins are used for a cryptocurrency. Everything is completely digital. The goal of the inventor was to create a currency that is free and not controlled by a central body, as it is the case with fiat currencies. The cryptocurrency is set up to be decentralized. This, in turn, has the great advantage that it is not controlled by a central financial body, but instead by a digital community that is scattered all over the world. The term cryptocurrency is derived from the Greek term "cryptography", which indicates that the data and information are encrypted and protected.

The cryptocurrency is mined (created) through a calculating process with the help of computers. Members who create this currency through the computer are called miners, which derived from gold miners.

If someone wants to engage in mining, there are a few points he needs to meet, in order to make the investment worthwhile and, above all, safe. Therefore, first you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have the technical knowledge and skills to build and maintain a miner if something goes awry?
  • How do I mine the coins?
  • Which coins should I mine?

If you were not able to answer these questions satisfactorily , then it would be very wise to order a specialized company doing the mining for you.

But even if you have great knowledge about these issues, there are still other obstacles to consider. In the past, you could mine bitcoins and different other coins (altcoins) merely with the help of a PC. Over time, the level of difficulty has enormously increased (due to the fact that numerouspeople around the world is simultaneously engaged in mining), so that today only specialized equipment, called “miners”, can be effective.

The miners solve complicated algorithmic tasks, which consume enormous amount of electricity, generating heat. To eliminate this side effect, coolers have to get installed , a fact that is accompanied by a lot of noise. So, if someone had the idea to set up such a device in his bedroom, he would surely experience sleepless nights, and this not only be due to the elevated temperature but also because of the very high electricity bills. Waiting for him at the end of the month.

What is the solution?

First of all, you do not need to worry if you do not meet the above requirements. You can buy one or more miners from a service provider and let him host them for you.

The graphic cards or GPUs are the "nuclear plant" of a miner. The graphic cards have always been popular with "gamers" but nowadays they are also used in the cryptomining area. Cryptomining has gained in recent years so much in popularity that the graphic cards, in larger quantities, are currently very difficult to find and even if you succeed in finding one, you have to expect an extra charge. This is where the service providers come in, who make it easier for you to get started. First, you can buy your own mining hardware at various service providers at a lower cost. Then, the Miner is installed by specialists and adjusted in such a way, that only the most profitable coins are mined or, if you wish, the coin, which you have selected. In addition, you can get ongoing consultation in any question that you may have.

The miners are located in a secure, professionally designed hall, where a continuous cooling system ensures reliable operation. In addition, the machines are guarded 24/7 by trained security personnel.

Furthermore, you can comfortably and continuously follow your mining activityin your account from everywhere and therefore your profitability, without having to experience the heat and the noise. And most important: if a technical flaw appears, there will be always skilled personnel on site to immediately take care of it. Spare parts are always in storage and will be used to replaced the defect part in no time, thus avoiding any potential loss in profitability.

Finally, electricity costs in Serbia are lower compared to other European countries. This automatically results to a higher profitability of your investment.


CONCLUSION: By investing in mining, you can earn continuous and safe money. You only have to find the appropriate partner, who will support you in every step and provide you the necessary know-how. 

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