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Sales Partner

In our efforts to build quality-oriented customer relationships, Nova Elysion offers all customers an exclusive "Sales Partner" program. This means that all our customers receive a commission if they recommend our products and a new customer relationship emerges from them.

How does our "Sales Partner" program work?

Each customer receives 5% commission from all product sales made through his referrals. But you also have the opportunity to earn an Elysion VIP Club membership for € 120 a year, and thereby, among many other benefits, receive a brokerage commission of 7% on all product sales of your recruited customers (referrals).

Still not attractive enough? Nova Elysion sets sales targets and rewards every customer who reaches their sales goals. At Nova Elysion you will not get a cruise, car or other valuables. You get gem. Your sales will receive a one-time bonus. The sales targets and the corresponding bonus can be seen in the graphic below.

How is the payment of commissions and the bonus being paid? The bonus and commissions can be found in your personal account at Nova Elysion. On the 5th of the following month (if this day is not a weekend or public holiday), you will receive your commissions and any bonus payments directly paid into your bank account.

With our "Sales Partner" program you have the opportunity to generate additional income besides your own mining. Nova Elysion will not leave you alone. We give you presentations, banners, personal landing pages and many more tools to help you succeed. Because the only way we can be successful is if we have strong partners standing beside us!


Kommission: 5%

  • Turnover
  • 20'000 EUR
  • Bonus
  • VIP membership


Elysion VIP Club

Kommission: 7%

  • Turnover
  • 10'000 EUR
  • 20'000 EUR
  • 30'000 EUR
  • 40'000 EUR
  • 50'000 EUR
  • 60'000 EUR
  • 70'000 EUR
  • 80'000 EUR
  • 90'000 EUR
  • 100'000 EUR
  • Bonus
  • 100 EUR & 100 Elysion Token
  • 200 EUR & 200 Elysion Token
  • 300 EUR & 300 Elysion Token
  • 400 EUR & 400 Elysion Token
  • 500 EUR & 500 Elysion Token
    and lifetime VIP membership
  • 600 EUR & 600 Elysion Token
  • 700 EUR & 700 Elysion Token
  • 800 EUR & 800 Elysion Token
  • 900 EUR & 900 Elysion Token
  • 5'500 EUR & 10'000 Elysion Token
    and VIP Gold membership

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