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  • 2017

    4th quarter

    Zeus Systems d.o.o

    The mining company Zeus System was founded and the test plant (100m2) was put in operation. Shortly thereafter, the first miners and rigs were assembled and filed at the settings. Arrivals occured in a weekly basis, so that the test facility soon reached its limits.

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  • 2018

    1st quarter

    Black Diamond

    The brand "Balck Diamond" was born, which is a business partner to Zeus Systems d.o.o. Black Diamond serves as a hardware supplier to our Mining Farm and got the first supply orders from major customers for the delivery of mining hardware. Due to good contracts and relationships directly with Mining Hardware producers in China, Black Diamond can offer antagonistic prices for big and small customers.

    2nd quarter

    Black Diamond Online Shop

    Black Diamond's online store is online, making it even easier for customers to order special mining hardware directly online and either have it delivered to their home or hosted with a hosting contract at Zeus Systems mining farm. The online shop offers state-of-the-art mining equipment, from spare parts to complete mining systems.

    Nova Elysion d.o.o

    Founding of Nova Elysion d.o.o. Nova Elysion is our distribution partner for the mining hardware and other products in the crypto world and is developing new products based on the Blockchain technology together with Zeus Systems and Black Diamond..

    Zeus Systems d.o.o - new mining facility

    Zeus Systems is opening a 600m2 new mining facility that can accommodate over 10,000 GPUs. The facility is equipped with a professional cooling system and has a high security system as well as 24/7 security staff. The electrical installations have been specifically modified and modernized for Zeus Systems, so that they meet our high standards. Thus, the new mining facility offers the latest technology and the safest environment for your mining hardware.

    3rd quarter


    ElysionMart is an online marketplace offering everyone the opportunity to advertise and sell his/her products and services. The only means of payment is cryptocurrencies!. ElysionMart will be connected directly to the back office of Nova Elysion and therefore facilitating payment processing and access to a large community.

    Elysion Cooperative / Elysion Token

    The Elysion Cooperative is formed and share certificates in the form of Elysion tokens are issued. The cooperative has set itself the goal to develope new products based on blockchain technology, expand existing projects and finance future ones. Thus, the members of the cooperative benefit from a strong growth and financial advantages. The Elysion Token will be tradable from the beginning.

    Crypto Cafe

    Opening of the first Crypto Cafe in Serbia. The Crypto Cafe is more than just a coffee shop. It's a meeting point for Crypto fans and for those who want to become one. The main payment means: various cryptocurrencies!. Members of Nova Elysion and the Elysion Cooperative enjoy a beneficial status. The aim is to establish the Crypto Cafe in various countries (franchising).

    4th quarter


    Nova Elysion is developing a Crypto Exchange, whose aim is to provide a platform for innovative cryptocurrencies, and specially smaller coins and tokens. Nexus is to be established as a "talent scout" in the crypto scene.

  • 2019

    1st quarter

    Elysion Coin

    The Elysion Coin goes to the stock exchanges. The Elysion Coin is being introduced as a form of payment to all partners and projects of Nova Elysion, including the Crypto Cafes.

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