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About us

The word "Elysion" comes from Greek mythology and is about a place with paradisiacal, rose-covered meadows where eternal spring reigns, and where a nectar-like potion from a source of Lethe allows eternal forgetting of all earthly suffering. Menelaus and Helen, Cadmus, the founder of Thebes, as well as Peleus and Achilles are said to be there alongside other heroes and to pass the time in the shade of incense trees with residents indulging in athletic and musical pastimes.

What does all this have to do with our company Nova Elysion, a company specializing in blockchain technology? Quite simply, we at Nova Elysion have set ourselves the goal of providing our customers with the opportunity to create their own "Elysion". Independent living, financial freedom, more time for the family, working from any place in the world and security. You can do all this with Nova Elysion. You get support exclusively from our experts and one of the strongest communities in the industry.

Zeus Systems and Black Diamond are building new tools and projects based on blockchain, focusing on cryptocurrencies and an independent, decentralized financial system. We want to do our part to ensure that cryptocurrencies become established as a means of payment.

Dive into the world of Nova Elysion and let the Crypto World convince you!


Company Group

Nova Elysion belongs to a group of companies consisting of different companies that work closely and are connected. Every single company does its part within the group and helps to make every single company more profitable.

How the individual companies work together, we show you by example, if you would buy mining hardware through our platform and let you host from our mining farm. This example shows well what processes are triggered until the mined coins appear on your wallet.




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